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I recently acquired this all steel Sauer Behorden (Authority Model). It is a great little pistol in caliber 7,65 (.32 acp) that was a refinement of the model 1930 aimed at the commercial/municipal market. It is really just a further refinement of the Sauer models 1913 and 1930. The two (2) most noteable improvements/upgrades of the Behorden were a loaded indicator pin and the small trigger safety added to the front surface of the trigger (where have we seen this today?). The Behorden also featured a magazine safety. The front grip strap on this Behorden model (introduced on the model 1930) is curved at the bottom (for a support of the little finger) whereas the model 1913 is straight. J.P. Sauer & Sohn were competing with the recently introduced Walther PP & PPK (introduced respectively in 1929 and 1930) and the old Mauser pistols models 14 & 34. The times they were a changing though and Sauer was already working on and developing the forthcoming new generation pistol that would result in the famous model 38/38H cocking/decocking lever pistol.

This Behorden I have is serial number 210330 and is police marked/accepted with the Sunburst "diamond" mark on the left trigger guard. Like many police pistols this one was carried a lot and used very little. There is blue loss on the front of the slide right and left (no pitting or frosting) but it is in very excellent mechanical condition. The machining, fitting and polishing is something to behold--pistols of this period are some of the best crafted of all time. It came with one matching magazine (marked as number 1) and a excellent condition 1941 Otto Sindel holster.

Download Attachment: Sauer Behorden Left Side.jpg

Download Attachment: Sauer Behorden Right Side.jpg

Download Attachment: Behorden Top of slide markings.jpg

Download Attachment: Behorden Police Sunburst Diamond Mark.jpg
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