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Hello All, This neat little Sauer is another one my locally acquired items, I hope that perhaps someone may have a little data regarding it's origin and or issue. It was found about five years ago, just waiting for me in a local gun dealers display case. It was accompanied by a brown leather holster that appears to fit somewhat correctly, but may actually be for a Walther PPK. ( The holster is a medium to light color brown leather, 3 pc "breakaway" style, DRGM & AKAH - w/ logo marked under it's top flap ) The Sauer is in 7.65mm, serial # 219623, and is of the Dutch contract variety. It's factory marked on top left slide, "JOH. MUNTS - AMSTERDAM", and has brown marbled grips & Dutch safety mkgs ) I've noted one or two similar Dutch contract Sauer M-1930's in the past, and Jan's Vol. 5 also refers to both the Dutch Army & Navy variants, but I don't recall a variant with markings exactly like mine. Has anyone ever encountered a similar model ? Perhaps this particular contract was intended for commercial, and or law enforcement sales within Holland ? I estimate the mfg. date of my example as circa 1938 or '39, is that correct ? I'm preparing to purchase the two volume set of Cate's "Sauer Pistols", as I've been wanting it ever since it's publication a few years ago. From what I've been told, it should prove to be a worthwhile addition to my collector's library. I also have another Sauer that I'd like to document, a very, very late production Model 38h in 7.65mm. (Serial # 511391, complete with it's extremely crude black pigskin laminate flap holster. The pistol appears to be in mint, perhaps unfired condition.) It's totally unproofed & unmarked, other than it's serial #. As this posting is already too long, perhaps I should post the Sauer 38h query on it's own. THANKS Guys, I eagerly look forward to any & all replies. Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr.

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Sounds like you have a very nice Sauer Behorden Model (also referred to by Sauer as the Authority Model). If your model has the trigger safety and the magazine safety then it is definitely the Behorden Model. The Sauer Model 1930 did not have these two features. If yours does it is the Behorden model which was aimed at the the municipal governments (police) etc. Does your pistol have a loaded cartridge indicator pin or adjustable fron sight? How is your magazine marked on the bottom? Is your pistol frame/slide steel?

In Jim Cate's book (first volume) page 208 at the end of the chapter on the Behorden model is a listing of observed serial numbers on the Behorden. Yours is in the serial number range under the the heading entitled "Behorden Commercial or Dutch pistols". Serial numbers on Cate's listing for Commercial/Dutch run from 216333 through serial number 231304. He has 28 serial numbers listed in this range. The closest one to yours is serial number 219496. This one is described as follows by Mr Cate:

"fixed sight, JOH. MUNTS-AMSTERDAN below Sauer slide legend,
lanyard ring at bottom of left grip and black grips"


Serial number 221108 is described as having the same features as 219496.

Cate describes a brown leather holster with a Akah trademark as well as the D.R.G.M. marking as the first commercial variation for the Sauer Model 38. Cate notes that some of the same holsters of this era were used for the PPK/Behorden/Sauer 38-H.

I would say your estimated date of poduction of your pistol is probably as you say circa 38-39 although Cate does not give any production/mgf. dates for a specific or block of serial numbers (that I can see) for the Behorden pistols.

I own Sauer Behorden pistol serial number 210330 which has the Police Sunburst "diamond" and a black Otto Sindel 1941 dated holster.

Maybe someone else can provide more details on production/mgf. dates. I would be interested in the date of manufacturing for my pistol.

I can definitely recommend the Cate books.

Anyway good luck (hope some of this helps) and hope you can post some pictures sometime of your Dutch pistol.
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