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Sauer M38h grip maker mark question

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I'm considering purchasing a Sauer M38h.
Serial number 327318.

I just want to verify the grips as so many of these pistols have had their grips replaced.
They do appear to be original, and the inside of the grips are marked with "circled-Ia" mark.
(The "I" is a serif'd font with the "feet" on top and bottom)

Do these sound correct?

Thanks for any assist.
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There are/were two types of Ia-marked grips. Neither have any added filler material (rayon, cotton, cellulose) that was added to the composition material. I think this was because of the worsening situation in Nazi Germany and the facilities that made these 3 items available for military usage. Sauer did not make their own grips. They were contracted out to another company. Your grips (327318) probably have a more pronounced hollowed-out effect on the inside and are easier to break than the first type Ia marked grips. All of the grips used on the Model 38/38H pistols are made of Bakelite. Phenol is one of the main components of Bakelite and it has a tendency to leech out of the material over long periods of time....thus making the Sauer grips even more suspect to breakage. Without seeing the grips on the pistol you are interested in, I'd say they are correct. JIM
Thank you very much, that's what I'd hoped to hear. They certainly look right, but.....
BTW, the grips have that pronounced hollowed out look you refered to.
.Also, the right grip has a small crack from the screw hole to the edge. Small, but there.
Hi Ned! Put some super glue on that crack from the inside application. OK? Then get some after-market grips if you are going to shoot it. JIM
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Nice, I have 327884 Police marked.
sgabrie8544, please show some pictures of that bad boy ! bayoned, you too if you take the plunge. Some of us can't get enough Sauer !!
I only have these 3 right know, if you need another let me know. It’s 327882 sorry.
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That's a keeper !! Thanks for sharing the pictures
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Thanks for the serial number and description. I will add it to my database. Much appreciated, Jim Cate
author of the Sauer reference books.
I recently was offered (and accepted) a 38H which is police marked and has the original grips and I believe what is an original holster (can't confirm it though, strap fixture is unique) that's definately seem some action. It was a mess when I got it but I'm trying to give it some love and hope to shoot it....one day! Serial is 291453 and it appears in the right places. I just fitted repro grips..what a pain, but they look pretty nice. Also had to drill out and replace the thumb safety detent and spring which was siezed. now works great with replacement parts.

I just joined the forum so looking to learn more about this very unique little pistol.

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Sodde, post a picture or two of your holster if you would like feedback about it. Probably start your own thread for best results.
(y)Thanks nieuport. as suggested, I'll create a new thread in this forum.
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