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Found a very nice example of a K date holster with serial number inside, could this be for a police issue. Most importantly does any of the forum members own the luger that the holster is serialed to.

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The holster shows evidence of little use as the buckle strap is not cracked or seperating.Holster came with a 1940 Mauser that is matching and In nice condition

Numbered Military holsters certainly is an interesting subject. During my travels, I have observed several numbered holsters with dates from the K-Date to 1941. Maybe someone has an idea why some of these holsters were numbered to the pistol. I have a late G-Date rig with a 1936 dated holster numbered to the pistol. Any ideas??

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Years ago I passed on many K and G dated lugers as the early lugers always drew my eye.

This is now a complete blunder as good K and G date examples are hard to come by.The holster above came with a 1940 mauser which came as a unit from a vet. The owner has since passed away and the pistol was never registered so with our Canadian gun laws the registry has this pistol tied up.

When you find a luger that is not registered with the government you know that it is a good one as no capture paper exists to my knowledge. At least the ones I own did not have anything in the form of paperwork.

So my point in all this is to say that the original lugers that came from vets were not always matching to the holster nor were they serialed, especially the mausers.
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