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Sharing My Collection (such as it is)

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I suspect that I haven't been in the Finnish handgun game for as long as many of you but I think I've done okay so far. Its been a real slog to track them down as short barreled pistols and .25 and .32 autos are in a much more restricted legal class here in Canada. The market is very small for such pieces and there are only a few of us who have access to it who can actually identify or care about Finnish markings. Only one of the pistols pictured below was advertised with knowledge of its history (the Ruby, thanks to Bruno). Apologies for the poorly lit photo, a lightbox is on the list of projects.
Pictured are:
Beretta 1935
Beretta 1934
cz 24
cz 38
M 19 "Ruby"

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Pretty nice and impressive collection of self-loaders for a black powder burner! Well done.
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That's quite an accomplishment anywhere ! Great niche of collecting. Congratulations. Wish I had an SA marked Ruby, for this:
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"Bring & Brag"...I like that...Lol...

Very nice collection...!!!

You should be proud...

very nice collection, I would be happy with them
Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your collection.

I also have one of those CZ vz.38 pistols in my collection. It has to be one of the oddest designs ever...
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