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I have a Finnish rebuilt 5" 9mm Luger that I'd like to shoot. Before I do, are there any parts that should generally be replaced on a Luger one wishes to fire?

Should I get a spring kit and replace the springs, or do I only need to do that if a part fails?

Are there any parts overly susceptible to brakage that I should replace with spares for actual firing?


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Replacing parts that might get broken is mainly done by owners of "fully numbered" guns. If the Luger is not "fully numbered" (with the last two digits of the full number stamped on all the parts), you needn´t worry. Replacement parts (usually the extractor) are not all that difficult to procure.

Any problems with the magazine spring or the main spring will soon become apparent if rounds do not transport correctly or the action does not fully recycle. Wolfe has sets of replacement springs and they are not all that difficult to replace.

If the gun has not been used for a longer period of time, it might be best to have it looked over by a qualified gunsmith.

Any Luger should work quite well with the cheap S&B ammunition.

Hope you have as much fun with it as I have with mine.

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