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Sideplate numbers

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I know this has probably been listed many times but what is the rule of thumb regarding the relationship of the numbers on the front and back of the sideplates?
Thanks in advance
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I am saving all of the forum and then backing it up onto a friends website, can anyone answer this question in detail for assorted eyars?

Hi Fred,
* Depends on what you have.
* "Doctor Bob VanM... conducted a survey in 1994 with the NAPCA membership. He had over 400 post-1933 Mauser produced Lugers reported. His summary was presented in the AutoMag issue dated 6/94, Pg. 66. My understanding of his conclusions are as follows.
* For the Mauser Army contracts:
- In general, there will be no known relationship for the "K", "G", or 1936's. Some 1936's after the "m" block, may include the Inside Sideplate Number(ISPN); but, some early 1937 S/Var. 1's are known to be correct and are without the ISPN. The transition seemed to appear in the 1936-1937 "m, n, o, p ,&/or q" blocks. A 40k S/N spread was noted as rather large; but, the best that could be obtained based on the data received. Also, sometimes, a single numeric or alpha character may appear on the I/Side of these early sideplates, usually in a horizontal attitude, and are thought to be factory (Mauser) worker marks.
- Again, in general for 1937-1938, the last 2 digits of the S/N will appear on the outside and the first 1 or 2 gun S/N digits will appear on the inside for 3 and 4 digit gun S/N's. In the case of a single or 2 digit gun S/N, the ISPN will always be the numeral "1" in a vertical orientation.
- Now for (S/42)1939-(byf)'42, the last 2 digits of the S/N will appear on the outside and the first 2 gun S/N digits + 1 will appear on the inside. As an example, gun S/N 1234 would have a "34" on the O/Side and a "13" as the ISPN throughout this time period. A "99xx" S/N'd gun would have "xx" on the O/Side and "00" as the ISPN (not "100").
* Mismatches are decidedly uncommon among Mauser Army pistols according to Mr. Van M.... Of the 295 reported, only 17 deviated from this pattern of rules(6%).
* Banner contract, Banner Police, '42 Portugese, "Ku", & Out-of-Sequence Assemblies were much less consistent.
* I don't recall the survey extending to WWI manufacturers/pistols(DWM or Erfurt P.08/LP.08's). I think the Weimar period would be a real mixed bag at best.
* Hope this helps.
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