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Sight adjustment tool - for what gun?

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I know this may be slightly off-topic, but I trust that somebody on this board may be able to help me. I've had this tool in my possession for quite a few years but I've never been able to figure out what gun it is intended for:


Suggestions are very welcome!

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Hi Balder,

it is a tool for moving the front sight of a Sturmgewehr 44 (STG 44 ).
The letters STG on the tool agree absolut with the letters on the rifle. The meaning of the 40 H is unknown .


The Sturmgewehr was my first thought as well; but since it is spelled in one word wouldn't the abbreviation then have been StG. not St.G? You could be right though; the tool fits a Mauser front sight perfectly, I believe it would also fit the Sturmgewehr.

Originally posted by Balder


you are right.
Unfortunately, I have not seen the small point clearly.
But I think it's nevertheless a front sight moving tool.
My collector colleagues and I will try solving the puzzle of the marking.

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