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Ed & Jan asked me to send in some pics of the Simson I quoted in Jan's thread 'Simon war school Lugers'.

I had to overcome two nasty things first. A new camera and the first attempt to put serials and some proofs in the white.
The first pics turned out to be more then 1 meg (5,2mB pixels, after a lot of reading in the manual of the camera I succeeded to keep them just under the 300kB limit.

I bought this Luger from a collector here in Belgium, who is selling the whole lot after 30 years of putting a fine collection together.

Well here we go...

Right side</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00089.JPG

Top with Simson stamp on toggle</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00090.JPG

Trigger plate</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00091.JPG

Proof marks</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00092.JPG

Trigger guard</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00093.JPG

Left side details</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00094.JPG

Proof marks under grip</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00096.JPG

Grip plates inside</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00097.JPG

Frame left with inspector marks P and 4 </u>

Download Attachment: DSC00102.JPG

Both sides of mag</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00099.JPG

Download Attachment: DSC00100.JPG

Mag marks (suffix 's'... should be 'a')</u>

Download Attachment: DSC00101.JPG

That's all folks...

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I will not claim to be an expert on Simson lugers either but let me ask some questions regarding your 1649a example. I am under the impression that all Simson's above the no suffix numbers would be a S code version and that all S codes , or all S codes that I consider correct will have a suffix a in the serial number , and that the S code serials ended at 1648a, or so I am told by others more knowledgeable than I. Seeing that your magazine is not correct for this Simson even though it has the same serial number , the suffix is wrong , but more importantly it has the wrong blued mag body and should be nickel plated instead along with the accompanying eagle 6 proofs. Seeing that the magazine is certainly not correct, are we certain that the toggle link is original to this gun ?

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Thanks for your excellent Simson photographs and presentation. Your photographs indicate that your Luger is correctly acceptance stamped down to the grips and grip screws. Based on the Simson style acceptance stamps on all exposed parts, your Simson certainly looks correct.

However (as John stated), the magazine (based on the stick E/63 stamp, blued body, and s suffix) was manufactured by Mauser sometime during 1937-1939. At some point, the original serial number was ground off and the magazine was matched to your Simson.

The approximate serial range of undated Simsons reported is 608-9992 and 32a-1693a. Your Luger falls in this serial range. There is considerable overlap in serial range between the dated, undated and S-code Simson Variations. This serial range data is included in Weimar Lugers (1993)page 35, has undergone detailed critical review and is very reliable.

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John James & Jan,

Thanks for your comments. Yes, I knew that the magazine does not match. A former owner tried to be inventive and made up this 'better than nothing' mag.
I am now looking for a correct mag for this Simson, of course with a wrong #.
That would be an improvement of this rig.

Jan, the one book of your series I do not have is Weimar Lugers. Looking for that too. May be you are working on a reprint? So I have to search in the other books in my collection, but the Weimar period is very cloudy there.

John, that is also the reason that I cannot give you a firm yes or no to your question about the origin / match of the toggle. The two digit # match, and there is no sign that they have been reworked like the mag. Furthermore, a 'S' marked Simson has a higher value here in Belgium, so changing would not be profitable.

Thank you both again for your helpfull comments.

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That is the best news I heard since weeks!
Looking out for a copy!
Let me (us) know in due time when and where to obtain it.

I do not know if you are updating serial #'s, but in the nex few weeks I will post here pics from some remarkable rigs from that period.

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Hello Pete,

Well, that was certainly a tool I was looking for...
Buying photoshop just for resizing takes too much budget away from my Luger - fund...
Thank you for the tip!

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Joop...... I have #1302a and it has the S on the rear toggle link. I also have a Simson mag that is kind of close to your gun. I really do not want to sell it but would trade it for another Simson mag. My other Simson is #2014 and is undated with the Simson Suhl toggle marking.

Download Attachment: MVC-014S.JPG

Download Attachment: MVC-013S.JPG

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Could you take a picture of the finger groove “v” area? There is not many pictures of this area on Simson’s it would be a good reference.

If anyone else has some examples it would be appreciated.

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