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This extruded magazine came on a recently acquired 42 code 1940 dated Luger, but is obviously incorrect for this pistol. The quality appears to be extremely high, there are no markings on the tube, and it is brightly polished overall. I understand that it is a Simson police magazine, and the E/46 proof identifies it as being of 1934 manufacture. It also bears a large capital "A" and I wonder what this additional marking indicates.

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Your magazine is of crimped folded construction (not extruded). The number 1 indicates that it is police and the E/46 indicates that it was inspected by an inspector that also inspected Simson Lugers.

Costanzo indicates that this stamp was used in 1934 only(The 46 under the eagle is not in the same format/font as that shown in Costanzo page 109). The serial number appears to be an over stamp of another serial number.

I do not know what the A signifies.
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