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1903 Pistols are not at all nearby. I cant examine them physically. I am going through an intermediary selling agent who is not a Luger buff but has been asked by the estate to take care of the sale. He is not a mail order seller and would rather sell from his showcases. I am going to buy all three French guns so everybody on this board can ask whatever they want when I get them in hand. I will keep you posted with whatever progress I make (if any) as it happens. As to not knowing me, I have been in Lugers since 1948 (9 years old). Lost interest during early high school, took up drag racing afterward, normal family circumstances, back into guns in the '70s. I would never claim to be any more than an amatuer. I have been in machine guns over the past 25 years, and as you know, prices of these guns have far outstripped Lugers, forcing me to abandon that field. I can pay $20000. for guns a couple of times a year but I already have an extensive collection of machine guns. In order to remain active, I have resurected an old love, Lugers. I find myself 25 years behind, as you might expect...........Few Luger collectors shoot their pistols, but all machine gun collectors shoot, whether it is a $3000 sub or a $40000 MG 42. Me included......... Std Military proof should be self explanatory, some stick eagles w/63 under them to me are std military prooffs, or do I need corrected????? Police proofs that I have are different from military ones. This is a S/42 gun, not a Banner. I will comply with Dwights request asap..........I have no qualms about sharing anything in detail with anyone, I have 600 guns on display here in my gun room, any and all are welcome to come look. I find secrecy annoying.........
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