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I don't really collect Broomhandles but this one was just so nice I had to buy it.

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Congratulations on acquiring such a nice piece. Early Mauser products are hard to resist. As you know, early Bolos are not all that plentiful because there were only 3000 to 4000 made from serial # 40,000 to maybe 44,000 in the primary C96 serial sequence. In addition some interesting changes were instituted during this early Bolo production, as Mauser experimented with various modifications in his attempt to make the C96 more popular.

Download Attachment: sideview.JPG
Figure one. Two early Bolos, 40585 ( top) and 43066 (bottom). Both were marked by New York importer Von Lengerke and Detmold and both bear the standard C/C/U Mauser definitive pistol proof on left vertical flat of chamber.

Download Attachment: proof.JPG

Figure two. Bolo 40585 bears the Oberndorf (antler) proof house mark on right vertical flat of chamber. This proof was a standard proof on early C96 before serial 40000 and during the early bolo series was deleted from subsequent production. This antler proof is not found on bolo 43066.Is it present on 42573?
Also during the bolo series, the serialization of the stock attachment lug was changed. Early C96 attachment lugs usually were marked with the complete serial number. Stock of 40585 was numbered like an early one and bears all five digits, whereas 43066 similar to 42573 was marked with only the last 3 digits of serial number.

Download Attachment: topview.JPG
Figure three. Another change that occurred within this early Bolo series was the incorporation of a new short extractor that was used in all subsequent C96 production. The new short extractor is seen on 43066(bottom) compared with early long extractor on 40585 (top). In addition, the rear sight of 40585 is unusual, with a groove in sight slide/bar, and a 100-1000 marking on sight bar rather than standard 50-1000. Again this presumably was Mauser playing around with various modifications that he hoped would make the C96 more popular.
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