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Good choice and good luck.

That said you should figure out what variation you want.
For the limited production numbers the number of variations is off the scale.

JMHO but 1937's are the high water mark if you want the best looking and they are the most consistent .

Seems odd using the word consistent with anything about HK lugers but again 1937's are best IMHO.

Remember these are all from the same parts run and are all similar .

Probably a good idea to go with a common date in slightly worn condition as it won't break the bank.

BTW if the book you are referring to is the blue book by Gibson it is in need of updating .

I ALWAYS take a good one with when I look at another .

1,551 Posts
From MPLS MN myself and am well aware of the bad apples popping up .
The local one was-is more of a forger as many well know .

I chased HK's back then and was told of a master refinisher that had done a couple hundred .
Never looked into it as I got screwed on my first HK .
Randall Gibson told me Ralph used to own it .
Lesson learned and from that point on I only looked at the guns-paid NO ATTENTION to what the seller wanted me to hear .

By that time I had a couple real ones and they were my crutch as comparing a good one to a messed with one is not hard .

Never seen a redone one that could stand up to the "rollaround test " in as many different light conditions as possible .
This is simply having a good one in one hand and one you are looking at in the other hand.
Look at them side by side from exactly the same angles in as many different light conditions as you can find .

The above mentioned fakes from other makers guns are not a threat as they are not HK parts so easy to tell .

As mentioned above yes these do not all look exactly the same .
Not a big surprise as they are kinda hand built .
BUT they are still HK's and look nothing like mausers .

Not going to ramble but if you do your homework here there are many good threads here on these guns .
They have kinda faded into the sunset and I don't bother with them much anymore but they are still here if you look .

Good luck and post pics if you find one you like .

I’m from Minnesota originally, a friend there said during the 80’s there was a known Luger “forger”, so good that one could not tell the difference then if it was an original or fake. It got to be so much of a problem that he said nobody would buy a Luger out of Minnesota for fear that it was one of the fakes. It’s a high risk, high reward for the bottom feeders of this collecting field.
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