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Some help please

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I probably know the answer to this queston but I wanted to hear some other opinions.

I have a type 94 Nambu in 95% with two matched mags however the take down bar is mismatched from the gun, all other parts match. The dealer wants $600.00 for the pistol and I am in the middle of my inspection period. The dealer is well known and has a great reputation so no problem to send the gun back and I am sure he didn't know about the mismatch part.

Question is, keep it or send it back? Date code 17.12.

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In my opinion, the pistol is a little early to be factory mismatched...but who knows. I don't mind wartime factory mis matches because they are historically correct. Seems a little high for a mismatched gun. The two matching mags are nice though. What can you live with.. DG
You know it,
I know it,
we all know it,
drats... "a mismatch is a mismatch".
The pain is unbearable sometimes.

The only salvation is if it is a "proper mismatch" variation,
like the late war "ac" code Walther PP with a proper mismatch
between the ser.# on the frame and slide.

Maybe some knowledgeable collector will ID the M94 as a proper mismatch.

Question: Are the matched mags numbered to the pistol?
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Am guessing that by "take down bar", you are refering to the crossbolt, i.e., the removable metal piece that secures the slide to the breechbolt. IMO, even if all parts were matching, the price is much too high.

Good Hunting
Thanks guys, it hurts very much to send this gun back because I have not seen another one with two proper numbered matching mags. I know the price is high, the premium for the numbered mags. The pain of this decision is unbearable.
$600 does seem a bit steep.
I paid $315 for mine in Sept/2000,
with one matched numbered mag,
and an additional non-matching mag.
Link: http://www.panchogun.com/FVWebPhotos/FV-Jap-Type-94-Nagoya-5x100px.jpg

Your gun is a type 5 variation, some of the small parts won't be numbered. The type 4 variation I sent back had a mismatched numbered part and I can't live with that even if it is the only example I have seen with two numbered mags, one mag marked as the spare mag.

I also have a type 5 with a numbered mag and all the correct numbered small parts. I paid short money for it about 4 or 5 years ago. All of these guns have gone up in value.


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