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Spreewerk "0" Series P-38 Value?

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I am a new collector of axis pistols and I am thinking about purchasing a CYQ P-38 late war "0" series. The pistol has is as close to mint as I have seen (99% original blue, mint mag, mint grips) and appears unissued. I know that price is a relative thing, but I was wondering if you guys could give me a ballpark range of a fair price, as I am a college student and I can't afford to get ripped too badly.

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From my experience with P.38's and without knowing more about the piece I would value the gun, 99% and totally correct, at $1200-$1500, low to high. Be very careful that it is not a Russian dipped example and not import marked. I have seen P.38's that were imports but had the import marks removed. Check the insides of the gun and make sure the springs and sear are all in the white. The locking block could be blued but, is so, should be a thin blue and may show signs of grinding after the blue was applied.

The Russians overran the Spreewerk plant and captured many "0" series guns before they were shipped. The imports made these guns more readily available but totally original non-import marked examples are still somewhat hard to find.

Regards, Leon
Leon is correct as usual!

The key thing for an original pistol is the locking pin, it should not be blued! The import markings can be under the grips, on the barrel or somewhere else.

Some import "dipped" Russian pistols do not have import marks, the grips should be a red color with lots of filler and marked with 1W41 or 1W31 on the inside, see my grip information for Spreewerk. http://www.p38guns.com/Gripinfo.htm

"Dipped" 0 series Spreewerk guns go for about $850.00

Thank you so much guys for your valuable information! I did notice that the grips are (externally) correct. They are red with lots of filler. I'm sure my collector friend who is offering me this pistol won't mind me checking the internal parts to be sure. I'll let the board know how it goes.

With the forum's help, I purchased the "0" series cyq sn 0582 for a good price. It turned out to be a correct non imported pistol. I checked the sear, locking pin, locking block, and springs and they are not blued. I have posted some pictures of my pistol. Thanks Mark and Leon!
Download Attachment: p-38 zero 1.JPG

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Download Attachment: p-38 zero mark 1.JPG

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My pics didn't turn out very good. Some kind of glare is making it appear that there is wear on the gun. The gun is actually rather minty 99% blue. Sorry for the quality of the photography.
I am very interested in hide out barrel assembly and frame marking. Under left gripplate you can find the provisional SN:

Download Attachment: cyq.3.JPG
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Another markings are B code on right barrel assembly rail and Eagle/88 & cyq on left rail.

Download Attachment: cyq.1.JPG

Download Attachment: cyq.2.JPG


Let us know something more about your pistol!
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Hi Jan. The provisional serial number is 739. The right side of the barrel is marked B b. The left side is marked cyq U. Thanks for your interest. -Adam

Download Attachment: barrel3.JPG

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Download Attachment: Barrel2.JPG
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