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What ever became of the company, I think in Texas, who was making those stainless steel lugers? They still around? Did the guns work?

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I do know John Walter mentions the "new" Stoger-Luger in his book The Luger Story with some made in 1996-1997 but it sounds like they went under shortly after. As I understand they had 4" barrel standard and a optional 6" barrel, the basic stainless model sold new in the $550 range, with the 6" and the blued stainless for a bit more.

I ran across a really clean one last year in a pawn shop and purchased it. Serial # S5760 a blued stainless 9mm marked AIMCO INC HOUSTION TEXAS with the american eagle on the chamber and on the plastic mag. Luger with scrolling and "safe" marked thumb saftey on the left side. I could send photos if you would like to see or if it would help.

I have also seen a couple of the Stoger blowback .22's around recently I think they made those in the same time frame.

I have never fired mine (I dont think its ever been fired) but it looks very well made...

I hope that helps,

Does anyone know how many of the 9mm they made during that production?

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