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Standard catalog of....

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I decided to finally break down and buy a price guide yesterday. I selected Ned Schwing's Standard Catalog of Firearms(2004). It is over 1400 pages. When I'm out, I often see something that I'm not "up on" but peaks my interest. I never know if the price is right. It is a great piece of work, has lots of photos and the prices seem accurate. Well anyway I was disappointed in finding that, as comprehensive as it is, it doesn't cover many military guns. It has some foreign pistols except Nambu, but 1911's and most rifles are lacking.

Back to the book store to get Schwing's Standard Catalog of Military Firearms(2003). It's a little over 400 pages but covers pistols, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, and machine guns. A great book I wish I'd bought earlier.

The two together will be in my car for any show or auction from now on. Any new guy really ought to invest in them early on.
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I have found they are great for approx. values, the collector pieces almost always are worth more. But a great guide to get you half-way knowledgable.

I have to wonder if anything written in 2003 is going to be relavant. I know you may be looking for a ballpark figure but how ballpark? Two years ago? That is an eternity in pricing such a fast moving target as Lugers. I don't fault your effort to see what the so called experts price these at but what good will it do you in reality?
I stand ready to be flamed...Jerry Burney
I've seen enough postings from you guys to think of you as both experts and specialists. I'm a novice and, so far, a generalist. I'm collecting WW II semi-auto handguns (that I can afford) but as rifles run somewhat less they are starting to catch my attention. So many posts of others with my level of experience ask "What's it worth"? that I thought they would like to hear about a reference book that can act as a guide, albeit a loose one. Believe me, when I find my first luger, I'll be here asking for advice.
maximillion, I generally try to keep a close eye on auction sites to get a real World idea of what things will bring, holsters, pistols etc. Even this is no real indicator.Sometimes a like item will bring double compared with last week. Auctions are fickle. You will be well served if you can contact some of the knowledgeble people on the Forum for advice but often that is not practical when contemplating a purchase at an out of the way venue. Actually, knowledge of what you are looking at is your best defense against paying too much. What looks to be a good buy according to the books can sting you if you miss important details. On the flip side, important details can let you get a bargain if the seller is ignorant of their meaning. Knowledge is power.
Books are important and I would invest a hundred bucks in a couple if I were buying my first Luger. From past experience I know it would save you at least the money invested. I have also had good luck purchasing Lugers from Members of the Forum. Good Hunting! Jerry Burney
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