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This pistol SN 201 471 is one of the 300 Star CO pistols which were send from the Star factory to Germany to a local dealer at Prague in december 1941.
It is one of 275 build by Star in 1936. It shows the additional Czech proof mark 9485.42 Lion/N.

The holster is part of the weapon, because the traces at the leather show that another pistol has never been in it.

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Hi Fritz!

Your pistol was testfired and proofed in Prague Proofhouse on order Lovena Gunmakers Cooperative. The number 300 is correct. Exact date I can not say, pistols were testfired in many batches for a whole year.

The Lovena cooperative was founded 1920 by 10 famous gunmakers: A. Machac, V. Novotny, B. Rosicky, J. Javurek, N. Lesak, J. Vacha, J. Ruta, O. Zubik, J. Kozler a J. Hynek. Lovena cooperative is still in bussines. Today Lovena produces cheap Air pistols and industry springs. Gunsmithing terminated 1995. On very primitive company webpage http://lovena.vyrobce.cz/ is shown original company logo in green.

The word Lovena is writen with hook over the letter e and pronnouced Lo-vie-nah. The Czech word Lov means hunting. Lovena had some subsidiaries around the Czech republic, in Plzen (Pilsen, town where I was born and still live) too.

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It is my understanding that 300 COs were also directed to the German military at Hendaye, FR, in May of 1942. I have seen two of these with German proofs and acceptance stamps. Fritz' example from the Lovena shipment is a first for me. While the CO model could not be considered a rare pistol by any means, pistols from these two groupings certainly are. Very nice, Fritz.
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