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A really nice gun that showed up at a show over the weekend. Page 339 of Jan's AXIS PISTOLS tells me that it was part of Lot 20--variation 4 --shipped on 7 June 1944

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Stars are one of the many things in life that I know very little about. I will probably be looking to find this puppy a new home and would appreciate any help on fair value.

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Looks like you have a very nice late war Star Model B that was post war shipped to the West German State Police. Thus the LPN marking on the front grip strap. It has the late production/war borderless/diamondless wood grips which I like the looks of and the late war slide legend layout. Obviously it is in very nice condition and with the two (2) matching serial number marked in police style magazines and pistol serial numbered holster it is worth more than the usual non waffenamt marked Model B. How much is certainly the question but difficult without seeing it in person. I would say in the current market the rig is worth probably in the $500-$600 range maybe more to the right "got to have" collector. Others may have a different opinion and I would welcome their comments and market insight. Hope this is of some help.

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In 1942 the German Military contracted with Star to supply them with the Mdl B in 9mm cal. Mdl B's supplied under this contract fall within serial #'s of 210951 through 260250 although not all of the Mdl B's that fall within this serial # range were included in that contract. Some were sold through contract to other countries, e.g., Bulgaria. The last shipment of 2000 German contract Mdl B's was not be delivered to the German's due to their retreat from France in '44. These undelivered Mdl B's fall in the serial # range, 256251-258000, 260001-260250. These undelivered pistols were returned to Star and while some were sold commercially, most were warehoused.

In 1951 the West German Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony in Hanover contracted with Star to furnish their police, the Landespolizei Niedersachsen (LPN) with Mdl B pistols. Star Firearms, Antaris, states that your pistol was part of the first consignment of that contract shipped to Gustav Genshow & Co. A.G., on 09,21,51.

Still confirms on page 339 that Lot 20 was shipped but not delivered to the German Military.

It is a nice rig.
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