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I picked up three pistols, 2 of which fill voids in my collection. I did not have a Star Model B. My understanding is this would be one of the 15,000 produced under the 2nd contract. The first run was 10,000 and would have had the WaA 251 acceptance mark. (Info from Jan Still's Axis pistol book). I was happy to fill a void and it is reasonable condition. Probably will not look too hard for a better one unless opinions on this one differ. All thoughts and opinions are appreciated. I will also remove the grease pencil highlighting.

Air gun Trigger Grey Wood Gun barrel
Air gun Grey Trigger Gun barrel Material property
Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Material property
Trigger Red Air gun Gas Wood
Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Vehicle door Wood
Musical instrument Wind instrument Woodwind instrument Magenta Metal
Watch Communication Device Cosmetics Mobile phone Portable communications device
Sleeve Finger Everyday carry Thumb Household hardware
Peripheral Input device Audio equipment Gadget Personal protective equipment
Input device Finger Gadget Font Electric blue


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At one time, I had two, the ones with the fake nazi stamps. I shoulda kept one ☝
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