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Star model B question

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Hello: I need some info. I bought a Star model B at an estate auction. On the frontstrap of the grip it has the initials L.P.N. stamped on it. I was told that these initials had something to do with the German national police that was formed after WWII. Anybody have any info or thoughts on this? Thanks , Joe
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As I recall the L.P.N. is a post World II police stamp, but I do not know the details. Likley one of the members can can supply the details.

In 1951, the West German Ministry of the Interior of Lower Saxony contracted with Star to supply their police, the Landespolizei Niedersachsen, with pistols. Amoung other markings, the front gripstraps of this contract were to be stamped with the initials, LPN. Approximately the first 2000 pistols, if recollection serves me, of the contract were made up of Mdl B's that had been procured by the the WWII German military but had not been delivered due to the invasion of France in 1944, thus preventing delivery. These pistols were in the serial # range under 260,250. These pistols would not have been German military acceptance stamped as there were no German inspectors stationed at the Star factory, rather, the pistols were acceptance stamped at the German Military Depot in France upon delivery. At least that is what credible references tell me.
Thanks for the information. My serial # is 396381. The story I got from the son of the deceased at the auction was that his father had served occupation duty in Germany and had brought the pistol home with him. The kicker is that the mans officer had made all the men remove the firing pins from their personal guns before they could bring them home. So now i need to find a firing pin and firing pin spring. The only marking on the pistol that seems to be German in origin is on the side of the barrel. It is marked Cal.08. Joe

The LPN contract Star Bs were shipped to West Germany in 7 lots between Sept 1951 and Dec 1954. Records indicate that your pistol was part of 1000 Mdl Bs shipped December 19, 1952.

Finding the firing pin and spring shouldn't be too hard to do. Look in Gun List or Shotgun News.

Good Luck
Garfield: Thank You for taking the time to answer my questions. I've learned that the Model B used several different firing pins, so now I just need to figure which I need. I contacted Bob's gunshop and was told to just send the slide and they can make sure I get the correct firing pin. Now I just need to get over my fear of sending my slide thru the mail. Tuco said this would be the place to get the information I needed and he was correct. Thanks again, Joe
I'm not certain I would send my slide through the mail, without, at least, insuring it for the full value of the pistol. I haven't heard of Bob's gunshop, or of this multiple firing pin variation issue, before, but it seems that the serial number alone should be enough info. for one to determine which firing pin it would need.
Joe - a quick note of caution. While your Star "B" looks like an M1911 (sort of) it's firing pin is held in place by a pin through the top of the slide (under the rear sight). Dry-firing this pistol can break the firing pin causing it to protrude from the bolt-face. If you're really unlucky, this can cause the pistol to slam-fire (at least once) - especially if you load the chamber separately before inserting the magazine (always a bad idea). I've never personally seen this happen - but it could be an important safety tip.

Bob T.
When mailing such items...always use USPS REGISTERED MAIL...it is 100% secure..every employe has to sign for it as it travels..

That is the way we sent presigned blank money orders when I worked for Bank of America. [a jillion years ago] Otherwise, if the shipper loses that SOB..you are out the value of the entire gun.

Thank You everyone for the tips. Keep em coming. I'm always willing to learn. Happy new year!! Joe
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