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In researching H.P. Police pistols I have run across the Starburst/K stamp--ref. sample 23A, Costanzo, p.162. Costanzo calls this a proof for the Kommunial Polizei, and differentiates it from the Starburst/L for the Landespolezei.

According to Weimar Lugers, Görtz believes that this is an individual Inspector's stamp, and Joe Wotka thinks it is a police arsenal stamp (which one is unspecified). The only 'K' mentioned by Görtz & Bryans, and Still, is the Kriminalpolezei, contrasted with Landjägerei.

Does anyone know where the Kommunial Polezei/Landespolezei terminology comes from (and what they mean)? What is the current thinking on the terminology and the meaning of the mark?

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The Kommunial Police didnt exist in pre 1945 Germany(You would have to ask Costanzo where he derived Kommunial police and some of the other terms that he uses). The Kommunalpolizei/Gemeindepolizei were independent small city police. Page 41 of Weimar Lugers contains a detailed listing of the various police units in Germany.

There is an established format for German police unit markings (see page 195-196 Weimar Lugers). The starburst/k is in the format of an inspectors mark and is either a police arsenal or an individual inspectors stamp.

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Thanks much for the reply and reference--very useful info.

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