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Steyer 08/34

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From my collection a very late Steyer 08/34, dated 29 (1929).

SN 60430 with german eagle/ N proof mark.

It's an opinion, that the O enclosed by the triangle means abbreviated "Ostmark".


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FYI: Have the identical gun SN 59858, with a "j" in the triangle. Any ideas on the meaning of this marking?
Hallo Doug,

the "J" enclosed by a triangle is a restoration stamp from the

Vienna Police arsenal after the union of Austria to the German Reich.

You will find this stamp on Steyer M12 9mmP pistols also.

The o enclosed by a triangle doesn't really means "Ostmark", the

meaning is unknown !

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Thanks for the information! In case you would be interested, I have one other 08/34, #41326, marked S.W. 2581. No German re-proofs, and came with the original holster and both numbered magazines. I understand S.W. means "Sicherheitswache", or Austrian State Security Service, and the gun probably "joined" the German Police after the union of Austria and The Reich.
Here's one with a matching numbered mag.
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What are values on these things,I don't see them that often and are there any for sale? And holster's for them are there any out there.Did the germans use or issue these to there police forces without additional markings?Thanks Chaac
Poncho, that NPv marking that you show on your datasheet of your pistol is the final smokeless powder proof from the Proof house in Vienna. Other markings simular to that are the NPF (Ferlach), NPp (Prague), NPw (Weipert), and NPB (Budapest). The 21 and proof below that are also Austrian firing proof marks. The lightly struck symbol below the 21 is also a firing proof. If I can interpret what Gerhard Wirnsberger's book on proof marks is trying to tell me then the 21 and other proof are the first proof of the pistol in 1921. The NPv is a latter reproofing due to later proof laws.

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