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Steyr Hahn Authenticity?

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Steyr-Hahn no import mark that i can find, slide 3346s,frame 9744h,trigger
Wn eagle 15, lanyard loop marked 5FK 191 three eagles with swastikas visible, 1 on left side after 1917,two on right side 1 on slide opposite left and one faintly visible on frame just above grip.

Download Attachment: STEYR RIGHT REAR.jpg

Download Attachment: STEYR-HAHN LEFT.jpg

Download Attachment: STEYR-HAHN RIGHT.jpg

Download Attachment: STEYR LEFT REAR.jpg
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it would help to see all three eagles and where they were placed.
This type of the stamp and the stamping seem very doubtful to me.
I have never seen acceptance stamps on the two sides of a slide.

I have to agree with Fritz. I think these were applied by
some modern "enhancer". I asssume it is still in 9MM Steyr.
The 5FK probably stands for the 5th Field Artillery Regt and then
the property number.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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