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Volume 3: Third Reich Lugers 1988

Third Reich Lugers is a specialized text and deals almost exclusively with Third Reich Lugers. This is a 295 page 8 1/2 by 11 volume with an additional 4 illustrations in the frontispiece. The first 3 sectons cover the Mauser Lugers manufactured from 1934 through 1942. The proof markings, date markings, and production dates are carefully related to serial number ranges with a small section commenting on out of sequence production.

This volume lacks the list of illustrations that I found useful in volumes 1 and 2 but does have a complete and detailed table of contents. I would estimate there are 50 Lugers very well photographed. All photographs are black and white. On pages 125 and 171 there are text and photo essays on magazine variations. Considering the cost of Luger magazines, these alone are worth the cost of the book. There is also a treatment of P08 holster manufacturer letter codes. Jan Still as always documents his statements with references and identifies opinions as such. There are numerous words of caution for the collector on inappropriate combinations of markings, spurious ‘SS’ designations and cautions on Luftwaffe marking attributions for the P08. This volume also covers Kreighoff production, Ku marked P08s and commercial and contract Mauser P08 production. There is a small section on “1929 DWM Lugers” BKIW-Mauser Transitional Lugers that include some Finnish contract Lugers and an explanation of the 29 DWM markings. For a bit of trivia there are 7 non-P08 Mausers and one picture of an artilleryman with a Mauser 96 in the introduction.

I have limited interest in things of the Third Reich but still find this volume very valuable to collecting. The holster and magazine essays and photographs and the 29 DWM data are great information for any Luger collector. The treatment of the P08 is far more in depth and detailed than was possible in Axis Lugers making this must have for the WWII Luger enthusiast.
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