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Stock Cal. 22 l.f.B.

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Presented here is the first German Pistol in Cal. 22 l.f.B. ever produced. This Stock pistol was manufactured since autumn 1924 with different barrel length. Shown is the longest barrel version.

It is a very rare item.



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I have also one with the same barrel length (190mm), there is also a another variation with a 140mm barrel. My .22LR Stock has SN 712- @Fritz: your gun has SN 710- correct? @Albert: what SN has your gun?

As I know the Stock was the first German .22LR pistol. According the an article in Der Waffenschmied from 10th January 1926 this gun was already used (as a prototype?) in a shooting club in Berlin in the winter of 1923/24, but came on the market late in 1924.

I suppose, not more that 1000 Stock pistols caliber .22LR were made - as Fritz has already said: a very rare bird.

I am of the opinion that the Franz Stock gun company was a bit of a hobby for old moneybags Franz
The Franz Stock company produced self-loading pistols from the beginning of the 1920s, first in 7.65mm caliber, then in 6.35mm caliber, and from 1923/24 also the .22LR target pistol.

Gerhard Bock, a German handgun expert and successful shooter, described in his book "Moderne Faustfeuerwaffen" (Modern Handguns) from 1923 the quality and reliability of the Stock pistols (7.65mm) as outstanding.

I have shot numerous Stock pistols and never noticed any quality problems. Ed Buffaloe and Ed Dittus in their article on Stock pistols (unblinkingeye.com) point out a possible weakness of the breech block - but the data base for a general statement on this seems too weak to me.

I don't know on which information basis the weapon company Franz Stock can be disqualified as a hobby of its owner. This is even more true for the defamation of Franz Stock as an old money bag. Such comments do not seem very serious to me.

If there are new and reliable information about Franz Stock and its pistols, I will be glad to revise my opinion about Stock pistols...;)

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Check your PM :)

"Moneybags" does not begin to describe him.
Thanks for the interesting article you sent me!

I probably misunderstood you - your description of the company as a hobby of Franz Stock, I interpreted as a pejorative, fundamental criticism of the quality of Stock pistols. You are obviously not of this opinion, since you describe the 7.65 and 6.35 pistols as "high quality pistols". I agree...😂

But I still don't understand the money bag thing - maybe you can explain it to me...😉

Obviously wealthy and therefore moneybag - ok can be seen that way...😂

Nevertheless, in my opinion his company was not a hobby factory, but a small professionally working gun factory. But about the quality of the Stock pistols we obviously agree…😉

Anyway - it is now clear to me what you meant and I have learned different things about Franz Stock- thanks! 🙂

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