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Stoeger Luger 9mm. Need Help!!!

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Do you have an expirience with Stoeger American Eagle Luger (9mm)? To buy or not to buy? This is a question... Is it a same gun as original german Luger? Original german Lugers in excellent condition is very expensive. May be this Stoeger is a good alternative?
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Dear Pavel55...hate to tell you this but "original" Stoeger lugers are generally more valuable and pricey than unmarked commercial or military lugers. Of course, we need to see pictures of this piece in question. Many of the Stoeger lugers have the phrase "Genuine Luger" stamped on the right side of the frame, so they are certainly the "geniune" article. Much information on these imports is available in the books, especially those by Jan Still. The A.F. Stoeger Company was a famous sporting goods and gun store in New York City that imported dedicated lugers both in the 1920's and 1930's (As did Abercrombie and Fitch). The price range of Stoeger lugers can be from a "low" of $2500 to over $9000. These prices have been actually realized in recent auctions. Hope to hear more about your Stoeger.

Do you refer to an original Stoeger German-manufactured Luger, or to a modern Stainless Steel gun manufactured in the US?

Good point, Dwight. It would make a significant difference.
Yes, I am looking for a modern (post WWII) stainless steel Stoeger.
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