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Strange 1949 Danish Walther patent for ... what?

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accidentally, while looking for patents interesting for a particular board member A.B. ;) I found a strange Danish patent , what might be interesting for the members here, especially for the Walther boys.

It's Danish patent No. 69618 of Carl Walther Waffenfabrik, Zella-Mehlis, Thüringen published in 1949. This patent goes back to a German basic (priority) patent application of December 22, 1943.. The Danish patent was confiscated (seized) in 1946 due to a specific law allowing seizure of German and Japanese Intellectual Properties (this was done by all Allies also). The most interesting part of this patent are the drawings (unfortunately, I am not able to read/understand the Danish language). Seems to be a simplified trigger/cocking mechanism for the P.38 or the Volkssturm-Pistole. Or? As far as I do understand, part #1 shown in Figure 4 is connected with the hammer and is acting as a decocking lever.

Any ideas about this technique? Was it designated for the P.38? Or for the sheet metal Volkssturm pistol? Unfortunately, it seems, that only this Danish patent survived. At least, I did not find an equivalent German, Belgian, French or whatever patent.



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