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Strange action photo of a Mauser C 96

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this is the most unusual photo showing a pistol I've ever seen. It's also the most unusual photo of a fraternity student I am aware of:

this photo was probably made in the twenties, but it is undated. It shows a member of a German fraternity ("Burschenschaft") peacefully and eagerly reading a book. But what's that? There is hanging at his sabers a "red nine" !!

Isn't that cute? A typical photo of a "student prince", which photo was made for his parents. The other typical frat' photos were/are quiet different, but were not suitable to send to Mom and Dad. Really, I can READ the letter which probably accompanied this photo:

"Mommy, Daddy, just a short note to say hello. Unfortunately, all the work load of my studies make it not possible to send you a long letter. I am fine, I am making excellent progress in my studies. Enclosed you'll find a snap shot while I was studying an important book. Sure, I do not waste any time until my "coming soon" exam – but could you please send me more money every month for the time being?"

For what purpose the the broomhandle is present.... Who knows!


Download Attachment: Student_C96-2.jpg

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Martin typical request from America too!
quote:but could you please send me more money every month for the time being?
Neat photograph showing Red 9 and student.
May I use your photo on my website.
Will credit you for photo and text.
Here is a link to my Red nine, showing SS use in field, etc.:
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