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I have published information regarding P.38 grips on my website


There is really no information available on P.38 grips from other sources and think my research has helped many P.38 collectors identify their variations.

Recently, it has come to my attention that Mauser may have used brown/red bakelite grips in their late war production SVW guns in the "f" block. (Their may be other slide codes as well in the "f" block)

Please let me know if you have a late war SVW 45 coded Mauser in the "f" block with red/brown bakelite grips and what the markings are inside the grips with the serial number

Most BYF 44 or SVW 45 coded guns that are phosphated will have black soft plastic Mauser made grips.

Thanks for any information. You can also email me privately with the serial numbers:

[email protected]

Thank you!


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The last time Mark was Last seen Dec 2, 2019 on this forum.

The book on P38 grips is very well done and uses this info from Marks site and I believe the document you shared. Besides the scores of folks on the P38 Forum
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