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Anybody out there have an idea as to the value, of a nice pigskin 1887 Swede Revolver holster?
I don't have a clue. Inquiring for a friend. There is one on e-pay with a starting bid of $150. Sounds a bit steep.

Thanks, Ron

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the Swedish Army list of 1923 shows 2 clasps without
coat of arms:
Jämtland fältjäg.reg. (Courier?- Regiment) and
Norrlands dragonreg. (Dragoon- regiment)
All other regiments had coined clasps with symbols.

Jämland and Norrlands are Swedisch districts.
The "K" "8" I guess is a unit mark, to be identified by a Swedish expert.
I think the officer's holsters are very rare, particularly in Europe and I think also in USA.
May be that it is more common in Sweden.
I could acquire 2 of them in more than 30 years of collecting.
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