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Here are some pics. I have a hard time with glare. The finish is near mint with very minor wear on right side muzzle and right side front edge of receiver, holster wear. No rust on any part except bottom of magazine two small pitted areas. The pistol is very heavily greased as you may be able to see. All sn's match and fit up is very tight since they must have had much more time to assemble these HP's. SN is 10xx out of 2000 made. I will try to dig out the holster and send more pics if people are interested. This was a WWII bring back. I bought it from the brother of the deceased Veteran.

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They are interesting guns. They could not be vet bring backs..they were all sold to the Swedes who kept them until years after the war. In the early 60's, one guy bought a bunch of them at less than $20 each and imported them here. [Boy..I wish I had bought them all!]

Here are a couple that I own. Interestingly, the earlier one has the 'notched' locking block..!

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