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I have submitted the following pistol for your review. This is a very early commercial Mod HP (P38) sold to Sweden in 1939.

Download Attachment: Riginholster.JPG
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Sweden purchased just over a thousand of these guns in the serial number range of H1001 to H2065. Each gun had a matching mag numbered to the gun and the early rectangular firing pin. These rare mags are identical to the first production guns at Walter but they do not have the double e/359 on the spine. This mag is 6 numbers away from the serial number on my gun.

Download Attachment: Leftside.JPG
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The Swedish contract guns have the pre war proof marks of c/n. This is the only production run of pre 1945 P38's to have the crown markings. The next commercial run of Mod HP’s started at serial number 2061 and had the e/n proof.

Download Attachment: Rightside.JPG
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The hardshell holster is correct for this Mod HP with the makers mark inked on the flap.

Download Attachment: MakerMark.JPG
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This is one of my favorite rigs, the Swedish guns have a very high polish Walter finish and an interesting history. After the war broke out the contract was canceled and Sweden adopted Model 40 Lahti pistols as their standard side arm.

Download Attachment: Rig1.JPG
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