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Can anybody help me with takedown instuctions for the Roth-Steyr pistol and the Steyr Mannlicher 1905 pistol?
Your help will be appreciated.

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Hi Grg,
I have posted these instructions before, but I can't find them to give you a link, so here goes:Roth-Steyr.
1. Make sure the magazine is empty!
2. Pull back the slide till it locks open.
3. Unscrew the cocking piece by first depressing the detent on the bolt.
4. Remove the locking bolt at the front of the barrel by depressing the clip.
5. Try to hold the bolt and release it from the holdopen by pushing down the lever on the left side of the frame.
6. Ease the bolt forward and the shroud, barrel will come off together.

This is easier than it sounds and when you start you will see how it comes apart.

1905 Mannlicher

1. Make sure magazine is empty.
2. In front of the trigger guard, there is a serrated lever. Push this lever in and withdraw this lower piece off the front of the frame.
3. You will see a spring (recoil) in front of the trigger guard. With your fingers remove this spring by compressing it and taking it off the little post.
4. Pull the slide all the way to the rear and lift the rear free of the rails, now push it forward off the barrel.

Another easy job once you do it.
I'm doing this from memory since I am not near my pistols now, but I'm sure these instructions will work!!!

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