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Luger given to me by father-in-law
My father in law was in the Army Air Corp in WW2 and picked up this Luger. It has a matching serial number (3305) magazine and another mag that doesn't match, as well as the brown leather holster. He gave it to me about 8 years and he also gave me the original "capture papers" that permitted him to return the pistol to the US.

I don't know much about the history as he is now in a nursing home and in bad shape after suffering his second stroke.

Overall it's in nice shape with some peppering in the bore. I busted it down and all parts are all parts are stamped with "05", and I believe it may be an original weapon. Being more of a US weapons kind of guy I would appreciate any info you guys can give me.

Download Attachment: P1010033.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010034.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010042.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010031.JPG

I have more pictures if you folks need to see them

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The photos you have shown us so far are tantalizing. So far it looks like a very nice P-08 manufactured in 1917 for the Imperial Army in WWI. By all means show us many more photos, including (but of course not limited to) the magazine bottom, all markings on the holster, and the capture papers--there can never be too many Luger photos!

Its regrettable your Father-in-law isn't in shape to tell you about this Luger.


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Here's some more pictures...The funny thing is all the non-US stuff I own was given to me..The Luger and a nice silk Nazi flag came from my father in law, a 38 cal British Enfield 2 Mark 1 from a friend, a Nazi Sauer38H from another friend (missing a grip screw if anyone has one available, and from my father (station in Germany post war occupation) a nazi armband and a Hitler Youth knife. Anyways I digress...The photos...

matching mag

Download Attachment: P1010006.jpg

Download Attachment: P1010007.jpg

The spare mag

Download Attachment: P1010008.jpg

Download Attachment: P1010009.jpg

Capture papers

Download Attachment: P1010002.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010003.jpg

Download Attachment: P1010005.JPG

Holster and tool

Download Attachment: P1010013.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010021.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010016.JPG

Download Attachment: P1010019.jpg

Download Attachment: P1010020.jpg

I have all the photos of the pistol at photobucket.com Go there ans sign in. Use jjh8414 for a user named and as the password. Thanks for all the help

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From the photographs this Luger is in unusually fine shape, and with the holster and bringback papers makes a noteworthy ensemble.

There is not really much more to say about the gun as a standard Imperial 1917 Luger, an estimated 90,000 of them produced (Still, "Imperial Lugers"). What is unusual, to my mind, is how this gun, magazine, and holster managed to stay together, and unaltered, into WWII. The story of its acquisition must be truly remarkable.

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