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I have been after a 1928 Dutch that was advertised w/holster, belt, straps and capture papers. After several months of negotations, I was able to make arrangements to look first hand. As this arrangement was made on very short notice by a call from the seller, I called on several members of this board for guidance and advice. They responded with in a few hours of my request w/pertinent information/details/identifying features too watch for. I cant thank them enough........ This information filled in all the blanks. I did not purchase the pistol as it had a mismatch side plate (#40), among other short comings. I strongly suspect this happened during its time in Dutch service, but............ The gun is #123, there is about 90% original color w/thinning on the straps, side plate, etc. This is better described as a low very good gun. Bore is very shakey, rifling is plain but very rounded over and dull, there is a smattering of rust on the muzzle and trigger, crown N proof is the only one I saw, and the chamber had been ground of some marking but had original coloring. "Rust and Geladen" marking were correct. The holster is Bulgarian. The mag has an aluminum bottom and is difficult to put in or out of the gun. Grips were ok. Seller and I had discussed $3000. over the phone for what I thought to be an original rig in excellent condition, ........however, not in this case.........Once again, many thanks for the assistance.
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