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In the “new collectors board” part of this forum(http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2400 ), clubcoz1 presented a 1915 DWM, formerly an LP08, with a “W” mark under the trigger guard. Ron suggested the logical possibility that this “W” was a personal identification mark placed there by the owner.
I have seen this same “W” mark in same location on three DWM LP08 and heard of its presence on one 4 inch imperial P08(no details if it originally was a LP08).

Download Attachment: bluew.jpg

Figure 1.Here is the “W” mark on a 1916 DWM LP08.

Download Attachment: bluemr.jpg
Figure 2. Here is the same mark up side down. Could it actually be an “M “or “Mr” or "Mv"?

Download Attachment: whitew.jpg
Figure 3. Here is a very similar mark on a 1915 LP08.

Pictures of this mark in Auto Mag maybe 10 or more years ago, produced no response. I even sent pictures to Mr Kornmayer . He had never seen before was not able to identify. From my limited experience, this mark is not all that rare. However it is not immediately apparent because of its location and size, so it can be easily overlooked. There were no other marks or unusual features on these LP08 that were marked with the “W”(or is it an “M”?). Perhaps someone is familiar with this mark and is knowledgeable about its significance?
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