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From my collection, a new addition.
Here is a revolver that is seldom seen and unknown to many collectors.
After World War One, the independant Poland found itself armed with the handguns of many different armies. Following a short confrontation with Russia in 1920, Poland decided to manufacture/standardize its arsenal. The handgun selected was the Nagant Model 1895 in 7.62mm. This revolver was to be manufactured in Poland at their Government Arms Factory located at Radom.
The Russian M1895 Nagant was copied to include its unique "Gas Seal" feature. This consisted of the cylinder moving forward to create a seal between the barrel and loaded cylinder. Although sound in theory and design, the results were only an increase of about 25% in pressure. Really not worth the manufacturing steps that were needed to add this feature.
These Polish Nagants are referred to as the Radom NG30. Only about 20,000 were made from 1930 onward(this one is dated 1932). They were discontinued in favor of the VIS Pistol. The finish of these revolvers is of very high quality. I would consider these rare revolvers. They look very much like the Russian model, so look very close at any Nagant 1895s you see...you might get lucky.

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Small Polish eagle proof.

Download Attachment: pn2.jpg
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Left side markings. Note the fire-blued trigger.

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The Polish front sight (top), Russian (bottom).

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Be on the lookout, I picked up this one from a friends call at a local gun store!

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Hi Dgiz,

Not long ago, I did a post of my Ng 30 (1935 production). It's nice to see another one. I was of the impression they were military, however, it would appear that Poland made these as police revolvers using equipment purchased from Nagant in Belgium. After I put up my post, a Polish arms collector responded with a considerable amount of information for me, including pictures of insurgents armed with Nagants during the 1944 Warsaw uprising. I hope you find it as interesting as I have.


Best regards,

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WOW! That was some great info! I had to print it up for my notes. I have only seen 2 other Radom Nagant revolvers (one had the "Radom" defaced). Yours makes 4 total. They must be kind of scarce. Thanks again.
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