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The Test HSc Phosphates

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Hey all I’m laid up for a bit after some surgery. My HSc research took a hiatus after the passing of Warbird (Alan) but there were things I was hoping to pursue further with Alan and Peter.

As known by some prior to the aforementioned Alan and Peter’s HSc book and touched on in the book, phosphate HScs were trialed in early 1944. I believe these were produced in the months of January and February of 1944. Known examples were only proofed for police and army.

I believe VLIM may have access to Alan’s old database so hopefully he can provide info from that resource.

My primary questions:
1. What is the current serial number range for these trial phosphates?

2. Are there thoughts on the possible groupings within the general serial number range by either serial numbers or accepting organization?

3. Are there consistent characteristics across this subtype? i.e. phosphate barrels, phosphate mags, etc.

4. How many examples have actually been reported?

5. Are there estimates on how many trial phosphate HScs may have been produced? In addition, taking this a bit further, any estimates of total production for police vs army use?

I’m looking forward from input from this collector group!
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I made it home for a few hours and got a chance to snatch a look at my copy of The Mauser Pistol by Burnham and Theodore. If you don’t have this reference, the authors use the term “demonstration” pistols in their brief discussion on these early phosphate HScs. They had only five pistol serials listed of this example. Serial numbers ranged from 881xxx to 910xxx if my memory is accurate. Production dates range from January to April 1944.

Vlim advised he was busy but would respond when able. I wonder if Alan’s data base still had only five examples when he passed or if Vlim added any since (Vlim are you updating this data base?).

The info above is what I know to be the only reference discussion of these demonstration/test phosphate HScs. So there is the jumping off point!
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