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....dont have WaA proofs, however the Norwegian M1914 is factory lettered to the German Army HQ in Oslo in 1942, and where else would a 1939 made CZ38 be but in German or Czech partisan hands, in WW2?
Arent they as acceptable as WaA pistols, and alot more affordable?

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With reference to the CZ38 pistol....These pistols seem to have been randomly inspected as were Stars, Astra etc. 41,000 were procured as combat weapons for the Heer and SS. It is noted that the Germans really didn't like them due to their size, (as big as other pistols that chambered the 9mm para., but they were chambered for 9mm kurz!), and for the terrible, long double action only pull. Very difficult to shoot accurately. It is unclear how many were actually issued. Yes, I would say they could be considered WaA pistols, but the WaA marked ones are significantly more expensive!!! Jan Balcar who posts on this forum is the resident Czech expert. I'm sure he could elaborate more eloquently than I.

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