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A quote from an earlier post by huggiebear
"Once again we can find the common pistol but the dropping holster is highly sought after but rarely acquired."

I recently came across a Mauser 1914 in 75-80% condition. Nothing special, just average. The dealer wanted $350. As much as I love Mauser pistols. I nearly passed on it. He said a holster, although not correct for the pistol, was included. Since the pistol came with it.
When I looked at the holster. Something clicked. I contacted huggiebear and Lloyd in Las Vegas. With their valuable input and advice, I jumped on it like a Ham Sandwich at a Weightwatchers convention.
It is a very rare Theuermann Patent holster for the Luftwaffe issue Mauser HSc pistol. In very nice condition.

Download Attachment: front.jpg
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Marked cdc 43 with E/7 acceptance mark.

Download Attachment: Flap markings.jpg
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I would like to thank both John "huggiebear" James, and Lloyd "Lloyd in Las Vegas" Duff. For their selfless assistance in aquiring this beautiful and valuable holster. Thanks Guys!

As Mark Castel told me recently. That in alot of ways, we on both Luger forums, truly are a Band of Brothers.

Except for "garfield", who's kind of a step-brother. :D


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congratulations for this rare holster! Gives me the opportunity, to post a Luftwaffe action photo of a NCO wearing a Theuermann holster. No HSc, but a Theuermann anyway.


Download Attachment: LW-Theuermann.jpg
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