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third reich Luger

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Hi everybody

i m searching to buy a third reich Luger. Does anybody sell one??

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Here is the link to Simpson's Web Site...he is a exporter so he can send it to you is europe.

Painkiller, you´re going to experience a load of worry importing a gun into Germany. And you´d be much better off purchasing a WWII Luger (P 08) here - a lot cheaper and much more choice.

Take time off to visit any local gun show (advertised in DWJ). Or look through all those adverts in the back pages of DWJ. Or contact Werle (http://www.touri.de/werle/) who is one of the best Luger gunsmiths around.

You are right in the middle of Luger land.

Dear painkiller, you are a lucky man to be right in the middle of lugerland. I have been thinking that most collectible lugers, whether Imperial, Weimar, or Third Reich had already been imported into the USA! Good hunting and let us on this Forum know what you find.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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