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This just doesn't seem right!

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Dear All:

On e bay, there is a German holster that the seller is claiming it is a Luger holster Rare transitional P.08/P.38 version. See below.


To me it looks like a cut down 1941 Luger holster! I know a Luger fits in a P38 holster but I would say that trying to remove it from the holster when on you belt as a side arm would be very difficult! I think what is being sold is a fake!

Below is my question and sellers response! Seems like a nice enough guy.


Dear blcman,

Dear Friend: Was just wondering where you found the information on this holster stating that it is a transitional? I would be interested in reading any publication that you may have that states this as I am a avid Luger & P38 collector. It appears to me that someone cut the top 3/4" of the spare magazine leather so a P38 magazine would fit ruined a nice 1941 Luger holster.


Hello: That would be a person's first thoughts, however; I sent photos to Gene Bender and he agreed with my assessment. He kept the photos and I gave him permission to use in his next book dealing with just such holsters. I am certain that he would happy to confirm this to you if you wish to contact him. The most telling aspect of this holster is that the spare mag pouch is a P.38 pouch and not a modified P.08 pouch. I assure you that it left the factory in this configuration. I think it would be an asset to any P.38 collection. However, if you buy it and are not satisfied with it, send it back for a refund. Thanks for your interest. Bill



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I can understand the skepticism, but being compared to Bill Clinton really hurt my feelings!
Ron: No problem; my wife would agree with you after living with me for the last 42 years.
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