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This just doesn't seem right!

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Dear All:

On e bay, there is a German holster that the seller is claiming it is a Luger holster Rare transitional P.08/P.38 version. See below.


To me it looks like a cut down 1941 Luger holster! I know a Luger fits in a P38 holster but I would say that trying to remove it from the holster when on you belt as a side arm would be very difficult! I think what is being sold is a fake!

Below is my question and sellers response! Seems like a nice enough guy.


Dear blcman,

Dear Friend: Was just wondering where you found the information on this holster stating that it is a transitional? I would be interested in reading any publication that you may have that states this as I am a avid Luger & P38 collector. It appears to me that someone cut the top 3/4" of the spare magazine leather so a P38 magazine would fit ruined a nice 1941 Luger holster.


Hello: That would be a person's first thoughts, however; I sent photos to Gene Bender and he agreed with my assessment. He kept the photos and I gave him permission to use in his next book dealing with just such holsters. I am certain that he would happy to confirm this to you if you wish to contact him. The most telling aspect of this holster is that the spare mag pouch is a P.38 pouch and not a modified P.08 pouch. I assure you that it left the factory in this configuration. I think it would be an asset to any P.38 collection. However, if you buy it and are not satisfied with it, send it back for a refund. Thanks for your interest. Bill



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Here are some pictures of a similar P08/P38 holster marked on back:
P.08 cey /42/WaA920.Took some time (and Jerry’s urging) to dig it out

Download Attachment: Mvc-002f.jpg
Figure 1.The mag pouch dimensions are much larger than the P08 mag that is in place. There is no indication of stretching etc of an original P08 mag pouch.

Download Attachment: Mvc-004f.jpg
Figure 2. At top of mag pouch, one can see an indentation from the base of a previously carried P38 mag.

Download Attachment: Mvc-006f.jpg
Figure 3. Exact fit for a P38 mag, including the angle of top cut.

Download Attachment: Mvc-008f.jpg

Figure 4. Inside holster one can see P38-like grip panel striations impressed into the leather.

This holster contained a P08 when I bought it from an old luger collector years ago. However it bears evidence of previous P38 use and mag pouch is certainly made for P38-like mag. I recollect a discussion about these P08/P38 holsters years ago, but cannot find reference. During my digging, came across another example of holster conversion: a P38 holster converted to P39(t) by addition of spacer in mag pouch .(page 222 in Whittington, vol 3). Any other examples of these conversions?
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