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Tokarev TT-33

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Well, this weekend (Fri-Sun) in Las Vegas is the much anticipated Las Vegas Antique Arms show at the Riviera Hotel/Casino. This is the larger winter show. It is a pretty good show in terms of Axis related pistols and even a fair number of Lugers. Anyway, I got an email last week from board member Dean Gizzi (Dgiz) who alerted me about a CA dealer that would be at the show with a pre war TT-33. I called the dealer and told him I was interested in the pistol and to please hold it for me. Friday morning Dean flew into Las Vegas I picked him up at the airport and we hustled over to the show. Went to this dealer and consummated the deal for a very nice all matching 1938 Tokarev TT-33. There were two others interested in this pistol if I had not bought it. I have been looking for one for over a year, so I was thrilled to get this one. Thanks Dean for the heads up! We had a great time at the show and I also acquired a third variation Sauer 38H E/37 marked that is absolutely in perfect brand new mint condition. Looks like it just came off the factory floor. I will post some pictures of that pistol in the next couple of days. Just came out of an old collection in Washington State. The dealer I got this 38H from also had some German WWII long arms (k98s, center focus sniper, G43s) from the same collection that are absolutely gorgeous and very expensive!

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All matching--frame, slide, barrel and hammer/sear module.
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Hey that TT-33 looks nice and cleaned up great! When you get a chance, post some photos of your new 38h. It was a great show and I had a fun time (even though I didn't buy much!). Thanks for the rides to and from the airport, I am going to stay longer next year. Lets think about a Reno show.
Lloyd, does the mag. have a number on the bottom of the base plate, at the toe ?

It has NO number or other marking on the toe. The only mark I can find is the Tula star on the right side of the magazine at the bottom.
I've got a T33 mag that has a number.
It doesn't match my pistol.
Is it possible that these pistols had a numbered matching mag.?
I haven't been able to find any info on this, and of the few that I have seen,
I've never seen another numbered mag.

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I believe that they did come with at least one matching mag. I have seen two WW2 TT-33s with matching mags and spoke to a collector who said he had a wartime TT-33 with TWO matching mags. I am not sure if they dropped the matching mags late in the war or post war, or maybe the Russians never dropped it. Lloyds unmarked mag may be a armorer field issue replacement.
Thanks for the info.
I would like to have one with a matching mag.
Something elso to put on me endless wish list.
This is a late response to this thread, but I just bought a T33 Tula made, dated 1940 all matched including the magazine. It is neatly (and small) marked on the toe just as the photo above.
Here are a couple quick views of the TT33 that I got at a local show late last year. It shows a good bit of honest wear.
The best part was the inclusion of 2 matching number magazines.

Download Attachment: TT33mags.JPG
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Download Attachment: MyTT33left.JPG
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Yes, it did all come in an original WWII issued holster.
Condition was poor, so I didn't want to hurt your eyes:)
I got lucky on the asking price for the rig as well...

Incidentally, also included in the deal were several
stripper clips of broomhandle ammunition. Both the
clips and ammo headstamps were marked with the
DWM logo. I think there's a strong possibility the rig
was being carried by a German soldier when captured.
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Oh, by the way, the pistol itself is all matching.
Here is an interesting one. The condition is not that great but it is a little unusual.

The slide, barrel and magazine match - 1940 date, serial NP6XX. The frame and hammer module are 1934 dated, serial 23XXX. What is interesting is that the frame is the earlier TT30 with the removeable backstrap. At some point it was "upgraded" to TT33 specs by having two small spot welds added. Is it possible that it was modified when the 1940 slide/barrel/mag were added? Who knows. The wear patterns, etching etc. indicate the pistol has been together like this for a long time and it certainly has seen a lot of use in its present configuration.

There are numerous small stampings and marks. I do not know enough about Soviet pistols to tell what they indicate (such as rebuild), any help appreciated.

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Interesting pistol! With the pressure of war, who knows what happened. I was told one time that a mark of a box with a line or two in it is an arsenal rebuild mark. I will try to post a photo of one.
Here is a photo of the mark I was told means some type of arsenal rebuild. This one is on a cleaning rod which seems strange, but who knows. Maybe it was bent! I have seen this mark on several of the Russian Nagant M1895 revolvers that were recently imported.
The mark is a square with a line or two in it.
In the other photo are two screwdriver blades for the M1895 revolvers. Notice all the marks on the blades! And I thought the British marked things up!
The star on the blades is listed in "A Collectors Guide To Tokarev Pistols" By J. Remling as being used on TT-33 pistols up to 1943. So, even though these tools came in with the recent imports, they could be WW2 surplus.
Any info anyone can add is appreciated.

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