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Totenkopf holster

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I have posted on several forums about a holster I recently aquired. The only info I am able to obtain is that these holsters are very controversial and unknown if authentic. Any info would be appreciated.

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I believe you are asking the wrong question. This holster is certainly authentic. There is photographic evidence of period holsters with this death's head stamped on them, soldiers wearing it.You may see this photo in a book of German Luger propaganda photo's by I don't remember who...Perhaps some other Member can tell us the specifics. I have left my copy of this at my other home in Colorado. What is controversial is, what does it mean , who employed it and to what purpose.As I recall the fellow who is wearing the one in the Propaganda photo is a German Policeman. There are several theories about that.

There are also holsters out there with the death's head applied recently. These are not authentic in any respect. Yours has age and wear comensurate with the rest of the holster and cannot have been placed there by a faker in my opinion. Jerry burney
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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