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I think the TM-08 are a very interesting topic! If everyone would post photos or type, manufacture, and serial number, possibly a time frame of the changes in construction detail could be determined. Here is a Type 2 Mfg. by Bing S.N. 125457 and Crowm S accepted.

Download Attachment: Hpim0467.JPG

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I would like to take a moment to Thank All of You and wish you all a Most Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.

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quote:Originally posted by LU1900

Hello "eroane" , about your suggestion
Only about the BING manufacture:
--------For me your trommel is a 3°model

I know two 1°model N°8412 and 24779 :just the same describe in the "Anleitung zur langen Pistole 08 mit ansteckbarem Trommelmagazin" but have one renforcing ring on bottom with the telescoping winding and two littles screws on bottom.

The second model is describe by a forum-member N°63808 different bottom with one screw and bolt but telescoping winding .

The third model same than precedent but folding winding I know N°135435,161747,186032,198765 and 199078

1°,2° and 3° model don't have reenforcing ring on top

The last model as the folding winding and the two reenforcing rings on top.I know N°225740,255740,299075,333539,420603,499683,726571

About AEG manufacture , all I see are same model those I know N°963,1094,48239,57123,65832.

I have the pics from all the trommels I describe if some interest about them

But anyone have ever see the trommel describe in the "Anleitung zur langen Pistole 08 mit ansteckbarem Trommelmagazin" this trommel don't have any renforcing ring top or bottom ?
Hello LU1900
I hope all is well with you and yours.
I must admit my terminology in describing the different types of TM-08 is probably not the most correct or up to date. In my part of the country,regardless of manufacturer a drum mag with the telescoping winding lever is refered to as a type1(or early model) and the folding winding lever as a type 2(or late model).I think this is because it is one of the most noticeable differences at first glance.I look at these two basic types as having sub-variations as to construction details.This is just my way of looking at things and may have no merit at all.
I am still amazed, buy just a click of a button we can correspond with others all over the world.
Thanks again
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