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I have a c. 1942 Luger with some parts replaced but in good, shootable condition. Although my initial outing with the pistol produced good results, the Luger rapidly became unreliable. I have had failures to strip a round from the mag, stovepipes, and failures to feed in which the nose of the round gets stuck on the feedramp. I have been firing Blazer ammo. I have heard that Lugers were made for hot 9MM ammo. Should I try some livelier ammo? I have some Fiocchi, for example.



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you could try different ammo, and different bullet shapes sometimes help. The last ammo specifically recommended for the P 08 was made by Lapua - but is no longer available here. But it sounds as if the Luger is in need of some TLC, and most similar problems are nearly always mechanical. Magazine springs, the magazine lips and the gun main spring are all more influential than the type of ammo. Wolfe supply complete Luger spring sets (magazine & main spring) http://www.gunsprings.com/1ndex.html.

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