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* Pg. 12 & 14 of April, 1997 AutoMag issue is what I believe you meant.
* Mr. Sorrentino provided a progress report in the Feb., 1998 AutoMag issue on Pgs. 253-254. I've not seen an update since.
* The interim conclusion, as I understood it, was a near linear increase in the number of Worker stamps could be found in the forward DWM well as time progressed thru the teens. A noticable "jump" in the number could be attributed to the start of WWI in 1914.
* Having participated, I had hoped Mr. Sorrentino would have been able to relate specific Worker stamps/symbols to DWM (uniquely) and possibly show a progression of stamps related to specific years of DWM Production. Apparently the data/examples were not all that clear cut or too sparse to draw these specific conclusions.
* Thanks Jan for the rapid refresh of this venue.
Bob (RockinWR)
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