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Having looked for such a unit marked P08 for years, I finally lucked out and snagged this one at auction. The serial number is 9955c and it is marked to the fifth squadron of the 7th Uhlan regiment.

Garrisoned in Saarbruecken, the honorary colonel was Grand Duke Friederich of Baden. During 1914 and 1915 the entire 7th Uhlan regiment was attached to the 31st division. From 1916 through to the end of the war, only the fifth sqadron of the seventh was attached to the 31st division.

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The 31st division spent 1914 on the defensive in Lorraine and then finished out the year in Belgium.

1915 saw a transfer to the eastern front where it was part of the Hindenburg Army. In 1916 the 31st was heavily engaged with the Russians and took heavy losses.

The last two years of the war saw the 31st Division return to the West where it was engaged at Ypres, the Lys, St Mihiel, and Meuse-Argonne.

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Lance, lance pennant, Kar88, and model 1889 Degen all marked to Uhlan units. Late model 7th Uhlan Tschapka with the Grenadier Eagle. This Wappen was awarded to the 7th Uhlans in 1913.

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Photographic image of Christian Kaner, 7th Uhlan Regiment, from his Reservist souvenir certificate.

Uhlan Kaner's pre 1913 Tschapka with cords and Rabatte, spurs, epaulettes, cuff links, veteran's stick pin

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